Ultimate Fit Food

by Gordon Ramsay

Healthy eating without sacrificing taste. Here are the "fitness" recipes from star chef Gordon Ramsay.

Healthy eating without sacrificing taste. Here are the "fitness" recipes from star chef Gordon Ramsay.

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Ultimate Fit Food

“Its recipes provide a colourful and creative reminder that food for fitness needn’t be boring”.

“Its recipes provide a colourful and creative reminder that food for fitness needn’t be boring”.

I do confess. Watching this man on TV shows sometimes makes me a bit anxious. However, following his online masterclasses and reading his books is a completely different experience. “Ultimate Fit Food” saved my life the day I was advised to start paying more attention to my diet – a trauma for me, as I’m known for being a food and drink lover!

As it often happens with books written by celebrities, “Ultimate Fit Food” has as many positive reviews as negative ones. Criticism is often aimed at the fact that the content didn’t come directly from the author’s work but from the effort of a team of editors – and I’d say that’s a given in this case.

Yet, even though I’m aware of the marketing strategy behind this publication (a professional quirk, considering I’ve spent a few years in the publishing world), I appreciate the chosen approach. I found it “motivational”.

I like the introduction where Ramsay – or whoever voiced him – talks about the small difficulties faced by someone who loves to cook and enjoys good food. Those few pounds that, whether you like it or not, stick where they shouldn’t; the moment you feel you’ve indulged a bit too much in guilty pleasures… and the melancholy you feel when you read the “minimal” menu provided by the professional in charge of your fitness overhaul.

Leafing through the pages of this book is both comforting and enlightening, as it offers very simple ideas to satisfy your sight, taste, and smell despite some restrictions. Fish prepared and presented in a certain way, legumes and grains expertly seasoned, salads that are not depressing, desserts that are soft and sweet without adding sugar. And much more.

Unlike many cookbooks written by celebrity chefs, “Ultimate Fit Food” offers (with relatively few exceptions) dishes that can be prepared in a normal home kitchen using fresh ingredients found at the market. I think this is a great message, and I completely agree with it: bringing the colors and flavors of restaurant dishes into everyday cooking, making it manageable in the daily routine.

Making the most of the tips in “Ultimate Fit Food”

Whatever opinion you may have about diet books, set it aside for a moment. The additional credibility provided by the consultation of nutritionists, openly declared in the introduction, is evident. But “Ultimate Fit Food” is a cookbook, not a manual on proper nutrition. And it’s a publication that promotes a celebrity chef. It’s a high-budget product where editorial choices have a commercial aim: to sell millions of copies by showcasing a famous face and appealing food.

However, this does not invalidate the value of the book, which, in my opinion, is worth buying if you are looking for inspiration to “elevate” low-calorie or protein menus. The consultation is guided, thanks to the presence of three sections: one for those who want to lose weight, one for those who want to eat healthy at home, and one for those who need plenty of energy to tackle intense workouts.

In “Ultimate Fit Food”, all the recipes focus on ingredient combinations and cooking techniques. True to Ramsay’s characteristic style, established paradigms are often overturned. In this case, he proposes some very indulgent dishes actually lighter and healthier than their versions cooked according to more common habits.

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What about Gordon Ramsay?

Famous for his 16 Michelin stars, but even more for his not exactly mild-mannered personality, Scottish star chef Gordon Ramsay has managed to turn not only his skills but also – and above all – his flaws into success. You either love him or hate him, there’s no middle ground. In addition to being a culinary celebrity, he’s also a savvy serial entrepreneur: with over 80 restaurants opened, over 30 books published, not to mention his TV appearances, top-level consultations, and charitable works. But also an impressive collection of legal battles 😅
To many people, the question arises naturally: does Ramsay know how to cook? Well… at the end of the day, probably yes!

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

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